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Previously, we introduced you to micro investing where you can start investing with as little as $5. Micro investing is a good option for the passive investor who prefers a hands-off approach to investing.  Acorns is arguably the best micro investing firm around. An excellent feature of this program is getting companies and retailers to give you free money! Free money? We have the proof. Here's how you can cash in on the action. 

Acorns Found Money feature: Free money for your investment account!

Micro investing is an investment strategy that makes it easy for people to start investing regularly with very small amounts of money. What's better than using someone else's money to help build your investment account? Acorns Found Money feature lets you get free money invested in your core investment account. By partnering with over 200 money partners, including Apple, Amazon, Macy's, Sam's Club, Hulu, Choice Hotels, Airbnb, among others, you get cash deposited into your investment account to help you achieve your investment goals faster. Don't take our words for you it. Check out the proof below.

How does it truly work? How do I cash in?

As individuals, we all have wants and needs, and we will continue to have them, as long as we live on this scary place called earth. Why not get paid to buy the things you will normally buy? Let's say you need a pair of shoes. You log in to your Acorns account, find an Acorns partner, say Macy's for example. Click on a link to be taken to Macy's website and purchase your shoes. They will automatically invest a percentage of the purchase price into your account, 5% as of 2/20/19. Do you like to travel and book hotels? Book through Acorns' partner Choice Hotels and they will invest a whopping 6% of the purchase price into your account!

Convinced and want to cash in on free money? Click HERE to start earning Found Money.

The bottom line

Micro investing may be the best investment strategy for the individual who prefers a more passive investment approach. This style of investment allows anyone to invest with a very small amount of money. With Acorns Found Money feature, companies will give you free money when you buy the things you would normally buy. There is nothing better than using someone else's money to help build your investment account! Start earning free money with micro investing starting with only $5! 

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